How To Use

Using the CabCloset on your Truck or Car:

  • Before using the CabCloset for the first time, fold the elastic strap and thread it through the headrest saddle at the end of the arm. 
  • Raise the front headrest about two inches so that the support posts show.
  • Now, loosen the wing-nut slightly on the leg and extend the leg until it’s about the height of the headrest and place it behind the front seat.  
  • Adjust the height if needed, and tighten the wing nut.  
  • Wrap the Velcro strap around one of the posts of the headrest to hold the leg snugly so that it doesn’t wobble.
  • Unfold and extend the arm until the saddle rests on the rear headrest, making sure it is fairly level. Stretch the elastic strap around both sides of the headrest to hold it snug.
  • Adjust the leg height if needed, and ensure the CabCloset is secure before adding clothing.

Enjoy your travel!

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