CabCloset helps you stay organized on the go

 so your clothes look great when you arrive!

Who Needs A Cab Closet?

  • College students

  • Business travelers

  • Vacations

  • Road-trips

  • Sportsmen

  • Hunters

  • Clothing exhibitors 

  • Dry-cleaning customers

  • Dress clothes

  • Costumes

  • Anyone clothing needs transporting! 



Function and Design

  • Simplifies transport of clothing, from your closet to your vehicle
  • Great for dress clothes, jackets, uniforms, and dry-cleaning
  • Allows clothes to hang, not wrinkle
  • Easy to access from the side door
  • Allows for passenger seating in other seats
  • Visibility
  • Unlike other clothes racks, CabCloset doesn’t obstruct the rear-window view


  • Made in America of durable aluminum and polypropylene
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • Adjustable
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Height up to 48”, length up to 47”
  • If the back headrest is stationary, can attach the elastic strap to the seatbelt guides

Practical & Easy! 

CabCloset does not block the rear-window view like other racks. The CabCloset allows the opposite passenger seat to be used. 

Easy to install! Watch our how-to video below!

Function and Design


Rear Visibility

Fully Adjustable