Meet Ron Strahan

CabCloset developer

My career was spent in the oil industry, and working away from home for one to two weeks at a time was required. Sometimes weather was unpredictable, and some jobs needed special gear. Packing a suitcase or duffle bag wasn’t convenient, and having the right clothing and jackets handy and ready to wear was a constant struggle. The hanging hooks in my truck couldn’t hold many items, and the only clothes rack available stretched clear across the back seat. Not only were the items not easy to access when using this rack, but the view of the rear window was obstructed, and no passengers could sit in the back seat if needed.

I realized I needed a different method of transporting my needed clothing.

I needed a sturdy rack that could hold several garments that wouldn’t obstruct my rearview and would be easily accessible from the side door.

So with some PVC pipe and a little ingenuity, my first prototype worked well enough to suit my needs. But then I worked on improved designs made from aluminum and spare parts. People started noticing my handy clothing rack and asked where they could buy one. 

Naturally, I ran immediately to my patent attorney, her interest was piqued, and a patent was procured. The ball started rolling when we began working with talented people to bring this idea into production. We sought out companies in our home state of Oklahoma to provide materials and designs and we employed young people with part-time work helping to prepare various components.

We reached out to Dale Rogers Training Center, a disability-inclusive workforce, to see if their clients might be interested in working with us to assemble our new product, and they were eager to be involved. We know that the people we have met and worked with have been God-sent to help with this project. We have made wonderful relationships and friendships through this process that would not have otherwise happened.

We love that our product was organically born out of necessity and now serves our customers AND employs local Oklahomans who often get overlooked and honored and valued members of the workforce.  


My Story God’s Glory!

I give praise to the Living God for loving me and to the Holy Spirt for guiding me. It is because of His love that I feel compelled to share the Good News as I tell the story of CabCloset, because none of this would have been possible without Him. I can’t help but think of the song, “I’m just a nobody telling everybody about the love of God.”

The project of creating a more effective way of carrying clothes while traveling just seemed like a good idea and also needed. Little did I know how many people would be involved in making the idea a reality. Not having any idea about how this venture would play out, I continued to try to walk with God on a daily basis and pray without ceasing. I trusted God to guide me in decision-making, and I prayed for him to lead me to the right people to help. God only knows the mistakes I’ve made getting to this point, both with this project

and my life, but He is faithful to be by my side. The love of Jesus has been evident in the relationships built as CabCloset was being produced, assembled and packaged. I’m so grateful. It is my prayer that your travels will be safe and that God’s love will be felt by you wherever you are led on your journeys in life. 

I pray for all of us to find the peace that comes only from our Living God. 



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